Sony 75X8000H 2020

Sony 75X8000H 2020

Incredible 4K images with 4K HDR Processor X1™, Motionflow XR 200, TRILUMINOS Display


**This is import product price, 10days exchange only

**這個是平行進口價格, 十日有壞包換

  • Delivery & Installation

    Standard installation service (except Macau region) is included in product price, but the additional service charges of delivery, installation, site survey, old appliance dismantling or disposing, special districts etc. are not included, please Whatsapp 61882017 or email us for more information. The arrangement of additional charges will be notified after purchase.



    For any damage of product within 10 days of purchase, the product will be exchanged in the original packaging, given the following terms:

    1. Customer must present the original invoice, full accessories and complete packaging. Upon any failure to present the above requirements, the warranty service will be voided, and customer must pay for the cost of the services provided.

    2. Exchanges, returns and refunds are not applicable.

    3. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper handling, modifications of software,  accidental or man-made damage such as marks, scratches or dents.

    4. If there are any concerns or enquiries regarding the product information, customers are advised to enquire prior to placing an order.

    5. Third-party applications and software may be subject to regional restrictions and conditions. This may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time, and may require fees, registration and credit card information.

    6. If the customer chooses to open or install the product themselves, he/she must bear all relevant risks, such as the damage of the screen and machine

    parts. Warranty will not be covered.

    7. All factory maintenance and warranty issues is based on the terms and conditions of the authorised dealer. We will not be responsible for any maintenance matters. In case of any disputes, the company reserves the right of the final decision and to amend the terms and conditionals without prior notice.

    8. Warranty services do not apply to parallel imported products, but if the product is not working, an exchange is allowed within 7 days of purchase. Please contact us more details regarding warranty services**

    9. A new product of the same model will be offered, given that the TV screen has more than 3 dead/bright pixels in Area A during setup, on the day of delivery. 

    10. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    11. Best of the Best International Limited has the right of final decision in determining any disputes arising from these offers.

    12. If you need translation for the above terms and conditions, please contact us for the Chinese version(如需中文版本請聯絡我們)

  • SONY 平行進口的分別

    是中國上海原廠出品 🕋
    保證100%全新 ✅

    可供選擇 🔍

    電源: 110-220v 香港適用 
    同樣地所有google 相關的apps不能安裝 

    要留意反而行貨的Google Play商店是電視版只有數十個程式跟手機的版本完全不同,基本上沒有幾個Apps係咁啱香港人玩

    Youtube 及 Netflix, Spotify 等常用應用程式

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    Cash price 5% discount

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